Music Grows the Brain

 Scientists have learned more in the past ten years about how the human brain works than in all of previous history.

An infant’s brain thrives on feedback from its environment. It wires itself into a thinking and emotional organ from the things it experiences.

Ultrasound recordings show the neurons that develop in the womb begin driving an infants’ limbs as early as the seventh week of pregnancy. It appears that experience can act on the brain’s development from the very beginning. Experimental data confirm that learning can take place in utero. Studies have shown, for example, that newborns will show a preference for sounds that mimic the mother’s voice as it was heard in the womb.

Before birth, the fetus is aware of pulse, movement and sound. At birth these familiar experiences can be recreated through music. Music stimulates movement so important for the baby’s physical and mental development, while singing to the baby triggers speech.

Music encourages the ability to listen and  concentrate. Songs encourage speech and auditory discrimination.

Music helps children understand a variety of concepts, such as high and low, fast and slow, loud and soft.

Newborns possess a natural response to music through their conditioning in the womb to rhythm, sound, and movement. Singing and rocking provide pleasure and security while rhythmical music encourages essential activities. Listening to songs and rhymes stimulates speech and concentration.

Research says that small muscle exercise stimulates brain growth. Try the following rhymes and songs with your baby. If she is too young to do the actions alone, move her hands for her.

Open Shut them

Where’s Mr. Thumpkin

Baby Lives

Hold the baby’s hand in yours with her palm facing upward. As you say the following words, circle her palm with your index finger.

Where do you think the baby lives?

Where do you think the baby lives?

Round and round and round and round

(As you say the following words, slowly crawl up the baby’s arm and tickle her gently under the neck)

And up into his house.

This will bring lots of smiles and giggles.


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  1. Maryann Harman
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 00:09:54

    Keep up the advocacy.


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