The more sounds that young children are aware of, the better their listening skills will develop.

There are many sounds associated with trains. “All Aboard” and ”ding, ding, dong are a few.

There are many things we think about when we hear different sounds.

Can you make a loud sound? Where can you hear loud sounds? – Football game, thunder, loud music

What other sounds can you think of? Here are some ideas:  soft sounds, high sounds, low sounds, quiet sounds, and squeaky sounds.

Talk about other kinds of sounds and then, make the sounds.  Then talk about where you can hear those sounds.

Here are some follow up activitis to reinforce what you have just done.

1. Compliments! “I like all the diffeent sounds that you can make.”

2.  Let’s play a game. I’ll make a sound and you tell me if it is happy or sad? (do this several times.)

3. Tell me what sounds you would like to make. Help the children fit their sounds into different categories.


Invite the children to sit down and close their eyes so that they can concentrate on what they will hear.

Recite or read aloud a familiar story, nursery rhyme, or poem that you have changed.

For example, reverse words, such as “Dumpty Humpty sat on the wall” or “Jill and Jack went up the Hill”. Substitute words, such as “Little Boy Purple come Blow your Horn;” or switch the order of events–for example, tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood and have her go to Grandma’s house before she goes through the woods. At first, make the changes obvious.

Ask the children to tell you if they hear something different.

Here are some follow up activitis to reinforce what you have just done.

1. Compliments! “You are very good listeners”

2. Can you change the words “Mary had a Little Lamb” to a different animal?

3. Next step. How could we change the story of the “Three Pigs?”


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    Jan 23, 2013 @ 08:25:54

    I really Think that post, “GAMES TO DEVELOP LISTENING SKILLS
    Enriching a Young Child’s Life” was in fact correctly written! I reallycan’t see eye to eye along with you even
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  2. Maryann Harman
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 14:37:25

    As always, simple and easy to use directions for early childhood that anyone can use immediately. I’m going to share with the Music with Mar. Facebook Group. May you go on forever and ever Miss Jacke!!!


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