Family Music

Singing is a wonderful way to have  special, loving relationships with your family.   You can even sing to your baby while he is in the womb.

We know that babies can hear in the last few months of pregnancy, so this is a perfect time for mothers to take time to relax and sing to their babies. You can even place a megaphone on your tummy and sing to your unborn child.

When you hold a baby and sing to him, all of his senses are stimulated. He hears your voice, he sees your face, he smells your  body and  feels your vibrations as you sing.

As your children grow, special songs and rituals become important to them. Bedtime with a story and lullaby is a time to relax together.  Many families have special songs for each child, sometimes made up songs with which the child strongly identifies for a lifetime.

In today’s busy world,  many children don’t see their relatives very often. Songs about grandparents, favorite aunts and uncles are reminders during and after a visit with that  family member.  I have a framed picture in my house of several pieces of sheet music. Each song is a remembrance of a different family member.

Family fun is making up songs about special events, pets, or just a bunch of silly words. It’s fun to do this with familiar tunes because the children can already sing the music. Songs for riding in the car, taking a bath, going to sleep are all times that singing can enrich the experience.

These family songs will remain forever no matter where you are. If you are traveling, the songs that you sing at bedtime can still be sung. It’s a bonding that never disappears.

Following a family concert last year, a parent came to me and said “My daddy always said that you can sing until you die!”  Think about it!! It’s worth passing on to your children.

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New’s Flash!

I’ve been asked to be on the new Children’s Advisory Board for Barnes and Noble bookstore online. I will be writing articles, advising, consulting, and sharing information about child development and music for young children. I’m very honored to be a part of this new online adventure


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